klimaatTv.nl or 24climate.com is an initiative to bring together the best and most informative water and climate related video content on the web and self produced. Stefan Flos – founder of klimaatTv.nl and waterTv.nl – based in The Netherlands is a water consultant with over 30 years experience both national and international.

About 12 years ago I started reporting in a different way: I started using video. At first I focused on the low hanging fruit: recording presentations at meetings, symposia and congresses and from there I progressed. Some presentations are still relevant today: actually – if you don’t record a meeting ‘it never happened’ .

See this inspiring example of Synergy – winning the first Amsterdam Sarphati Sanitation Award at the 2013 International Water Week in Amsterdam NL

Now I have developed in a professional video-grapher, editer, livestreamer and webTv live content producer and communicator using the latest techniques to output visual and connected content. See this digital magazine produced for a photonics-event: http://pub.h2magazine.nl/wtmf18

At the moment I am looking to expand the horizon and to explore the opportunities to capture, share and promote water and climate related knowledge using video and modern communication techniques.

Interested: contact me, Stefan Flos – (+31) (0)6 – 28 0808 27 info (at) klimaatTv  punt NL

Have fun!